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Four billion units of ethical pharmaceutical units ship each year in the United States, with millions more internationally. With diversions, theft and counterfeiting on the rise globally, governmental regulators have adopted various mandates to attempt to track, authenticate and trace product units through the supply chain. All of these models use unit-serialization as the enabling technology. All of the technology applications necessary for compliance to these mandates are expensive and disruptive to implement. In the US alone, industry capital expenditures are estimated to exceed $10.5B in the aggregate. All of these changes involve re-engineering business processes, IT and human workflows. However, it is possible that once implemented, they could offer business benefits. OMA, through its detailed understanding of these models, can support your efforts to comply to the mandates - but also to find the benefits and eventually payback on a very large investment.

Different methods for alternative models for tracking drug units through the supply chain have been discussed or implemented by state and national governments. They include: